Contextual Interviews

I've conducted both 1x1 and group interviews with clients, stakeholders, and end users as part of my analysis process to understand the unique goals of each group.

MyEdu Holistic Review image

Analysis screens for an end-user contextual interview project for MyEdu. The goal of this project was to understand how current users of the MyEdu webiste utilized it as part of their degree planning process and coursework monitoring throughout the school semester. Out of these sessions we were able to identify usage patterns and were able to pinpoint which areas and tools resonated with the students.

Usability Studies

I've personally conducted a number of in-field usbaility tests with end users and have worked as the supervising manager on numerous user labs conducted by both in-house resources and 3rd party usability consultants.

Usability Testing
Usability Testing Feedback image

Screenshots from one of the usability labs I conducted for Adometry. The goal of this lab was to determine if the new design for our attribution analytics tool was superior to the current tool and to determine the learning curve for the new tool. The labs were 1x1 non directed sessions with 12 participants and wereeach 60 minutes in length. After the labs I presented my anlaysis and recommendations to the executive team and product stakeholders.

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A/B & MultiVariate Testing

I've help to create and to supervise a variety of multi-variate and A/B tests

These screens were utilized as part of an A/B test on the Product & Services area for Hoover's Online. The goal of this test was to determine if changing referrence language, call to action elements, and page layout would improve proper subscription package self selction rates which in turn would lead to better sales routing and higher subscription conversion rates.